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The next-generation market consultancy.

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The next-generation market consultancy.


The market consultancy.

We are devoted to using our immense experience and passion to
ensure your company's long-term success.

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Beyond our own front door.

We feel at home in many sectors
and have the expertise to distinguish between
different challenges.

Examples of the sectors in which we work

Measuring customer experiences from a variety of perspectives. In person, over the phone or online.

Satisfied employees create satisfied and loyal customers. Satisfied customers drive business growth.

Professional support provided to your sales team increases your company’s impact.

Trade show appearances and corporate events are effective methods of increasing customer loyalty and acquiring new customers.

Loyal and satisfied customers drive business growth.

Question your customers. Evaluate their responses. Identify courses of action.
To boost your company’s commercial performance, you need to stand out from the competition and put your business methods under the microscope. When it comes to your market presence, it is often the minutest details that make or break your success. But what details do we mean exactly? What marketing activities will help you to achieve your corporate objectives? In which areas do you need to take action to retain existing and win new customers? How can you use and make the most of your current resources? And how can you keep the costs of such activities in check?

We don’t follow any standard approaches.
Unfortunately, there’s no “off-the-shelf” answers to any of these questions. Luckily, however, NEXTTOP is on hand to help find the right solutions for you. Thanks to our wealth of experience in the field of market consultancy coupled with our sound cross-sector market knowledge, we have the right tools at our fingertips to turn customers into satisfied customers. The first step is to survey your customers and evaluate their responses. These tasks are the responsibility of our Customer Experience division. Another important aspect is to measure staff satisfaction and how much your employees identify with your company. These activities are covered by our Staff division. But what use are revealing insights if they do not translate into progress? This is where our equally important Sales and Events divisions come in. Drawing on our expertise, we use the evaluated responses from customer and staff surveys to steer your company and give it a push in the right direction. Our Sales division assists with your sales and marketing activities, whilst our Events division helps you to prepare, run and follow up on trade show appearances and events. As a market consultancy for medium-sized companies, we put our combined expertise into helping to ensure your long-term commercial success.

Welcome to NEXTTOP.

Example industries


A sensitive topic which requires a lot of experience. Why has the customer chosen this product and what influence do recommendations by the pharmacist have on this decision?


If you want to find out which car is the favourite and why, you should be prepared to accept that emotions play a very major role.


Retailers need to take action. And constantly adapt to the ever-changing consumer behaviour of their customers. We identify where you need to act.


Where the journey takes you in terms of business success can certainly be controlled. We would be happy to help you to retain existing customers and acquire new ones.

We are only happy if your customers are happy.

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